Joel Belmont has spent over 25 years pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium. The themes in his work pursue spiritual narratives - contrasting what’s perceived with the five senses, against the unseen metaphysical realities of life that lay beneath the surface. As spiritual qualities are not something one can observe with the eye, his work employs visual metaphor and symbolism to hint at underlying truths and questions of the human condition, with the possibility of transcending it.

He works in large format film (4x5” negatives) and digital capture, and prints his own images by hand in both traditional wet and dry darkrooms. Editions are limited to only 10 prints from each negative. He also utilizes oil paint (‘Oilgraphs’) incorporating vibrant abstraction into his monochromatic visions, as well as encaustic and mixed media, to help elucidate our connection to the Divine.

His artwork is held in private collections in the US and Europe.  He has served as a curator for photographic exhibitions, been an editor for an international art publication, and continues to serve as a Lead Instructor for Dynamic Photography Workshops.

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